5-a-side Soccer

After a year of year off in 2020 due to the Covid lockdown, the EISM 5-a-side Soccer Event at Knox Regional Football Centre returned in the last week of Term 2, with an exceptionally high standard of competition across both age Divisions.

Emmaus College enjoyed a successful day winning 3 out of the 4 Grand Finals played, whilst Eltham College were Runners-Up in 3 out of 4 Grand Finals across very competitive matches.


Junior Girls – Emmaus College Blue 8 def Emmaus College Gold 5

Junior Boys – King David School 5 def Eltham College 2

Senior Girls – Emmaus College 6 def Eltham College 2

Senior Boys – Emmaus College 6 def Eltham College 3


Junior Girls – Rose Martins (Emmaus Blue) / Tara Gannon (Emmaus Gold) / Belinda Perkins (Luther College)

Junior Boys – Zayd Kassaby (Eltham College) / France Alquqab (Emmaus College) / Jason Chrilov (King David School) / Bosco Buansing (Mount Lilydale Mercy College)

Senior Girls – Diana Wiley (Eltham College) / Alannah Lendrum (Emmaus College) / Karri Pritchard (Mount Lilydale Mercy College)

Senior Boys – Ibby Kassaby (Eltham College) / Sean Kilbane (Emmaus College) / Mitch Langer (King David School) / Ewan Webber (Luther College)


Junior Girls – Rose Martins (Emmaus Blue): 19

Junior Boys – Jason Chrilov (King David School): 16

Senior Girls – Karri Pritchard (Mount Lilydale Mercy College): 13

Senior Boys – Ibby Kassaby (Eltham College): 12

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