5-A-Side Soccer

This is an Association one-day Competition for Seniors and Juniors held at Knox Regional Soccer in Term 4. Schools may enter both a Boys Team and a Girls Team in each section. Fixtures and Game time will be determined when the number of schools involved is confirmed.


  1. Schools to bring Size 5 match balls.
  2. All Team Members to have matching, individual numbered playing tops. No exchanging tops once the Team Nomination Form has been submitted.  Maximum 10 Team Members.
  3. Shin Guards are compulsory.
  4. Matches start on time, even if teams are not ready.
  5. 4 points to be allocated for a win and 2 for a draw.
  6. Boys and Girls each have two Semi-Finals and one Grand-Final. If the scores are level at the end of the Semi-Final or Grand Final, an extra 3 minutes each way to be played with the ‘golden goal’ rule applying. If still tied, five penalties will be taken using a different player for each kick. The procedure will be repeated until a result is obtained.
  7. All players must follow the referee’s instructions and decisions throughout the game.
  8. Abusive language/behavior to the referee or any player will not be tolerated, play will be stopped by the referee.


  • All teams will be given scoresheets when they submit their Team Nomination Form.
  • Scoresheets to be completed, counter-signed by opposition coach and submitted to the Results Desk as soon as possible after each match.

Team Entry:

  1. Complete ‘EISM Gala Day Entry Form’ and email to exec@eism.org Member Schools will be invoiced per team fee upon receipt of the entry form.
  2. Complete ‘EISM 5-A-Side Team Nomination Form’ for each team and submit to EISM Representative before 9.15am on the day of the competition. (Maximum of 10 Team Members)

So.101.   The game will be played under the rules of the Knox Regional Soccer Centre unless contra indicated below.

So.102.   A team is to consist of 5 players, one of which is a goalkeeper.  Max. 10 players per team.

So.103.   The goalkeeper is to wear a top of a different colour to his teammates.

So.104.   Fouls:
a) You may not tackle from behind. You can challenge from the side as long as no contact is made during the challenge.
b) After the 5th foul in each half, the defending team is not permitted to setup a player “wall”. All players must be 2 metres either side of the ball. Players cannot join the play until the ball has hit a structural wall, Keeper or another Player outside the 3 metre zone.
c) If a Player falls on the ground, they cannot play the ball until they regain their feet.
d) Players cannot jump into, hold or obstruct other players. You are not permitted to push opposition Players into the wall.
e) No slide tackles.
f) Any foul by a defender in the Keeper’s circle will result in a penalty.
g) Deliberate fouls in the attacking half can also result in a penalty.

So.105. Free Kicks:
a) All free kicks are direct. Players must wait for the whistle to restart the game.
b) Free kicks must be taken within 5 seconds of the whistle or the free is reversed.
c) If the Keeper steps outside his area, a free kick is awarded at the edge of the area where the offence occurred.
d) Hands cannot be placed on the side rails whilst playing the ball.
e) Deliberate time wasting in the corner is a free kick to the opposition.

So.106. Keeper:
a) The Keeper has 5 seconds from controlling the ball to release it.
b) The Keeper may not throw or kick the ball over the ½ way line.
c) The Keeper cannot leave his area. If the ball is outside his area, he may retrieve it with hands or feet so long as neither touches the ground outside his area.
d) If the Keeper catches the ball, it must be released by hand only.
e) If the Keeper deliberately leaves the area, it is a card offence.

So.107. Inform the referee when you want to interchange. The player must have left the playing area before he is replaced.

So.108. If ball lands behind goals, it is goalkeepers possession.

EISM 5-A-Side Soccer

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