The rules of the competition will be as directed by the Swimming Victoria Inc. unless contra indicated below. Any infringement of the rules may result in the disqualification of the swimmer concerned.
Member School Staffing Requirements:
  • Divisional: Host Schools to supply 3 Staff, all other Schools to supply 2 Staff
  • Champions: Host Schools to supply 2 Staff, all other Schools to supply 1 Staff
  • Student Assistants to be supplied as required
  • Incorrect stroking, which goes beyond reasonable tolerance as described in the Events Section.
  • Single hand touches in Breaststroke or Butterfly
  • Incorrect changeovers in Relays.
  • Swimwear Infractions
  • Schools have been supplied with a map of the venue and it is vital that all competitors report to the marshalling area promptly once their event has been called. Competitors will exit this room and go directly to the pool deck and therefore must have everything they require at this stage. Upon entering the pool deck all competitors must keep well back from the pool edge until requested to take their blocks.
  • At Divisional Carnivals, competitors who do not marshal will not be credited points for the event. They will be deemed to have not swum.
  • At Champions Carnival, if the competitor fails to marshal 5 mins before their event, their position is offered to the next best Alternate.  Once allocated, this Alternate will not be removed.  Failure to marshal prior to an event commencing is an automatic disqualification. 
  • Proxies may be appointed to hold a Competitor’s place.  The Proxy will be given a green vest to wear to ensure that their purpose is visible and the spot is not allocated to an Alternate.
  • Swimmers may also check in for all of their events the first time they marshal.
Warm Ups:
  • Competitors will only be permitted to use the 50m Competition Pool for swimming warm ups during the following times: Division 1 (2 groups) 5.15-5.45pm and Division 2/3 (2 groups) 11.00-11.30am. Lane allocations will be noted in the Warm Up Protocols Guide.
  • Feet first entry only into the water for warm ups. This is a safety issue, due to the number of swimmers in the pool at one time. Swimmers to swim in a clockwise direction in their lane and there is to be no stopping at the end of the lane. At Aquanation, any discussion between swimmers and coaches is to occur on the pool deck not on the boom.
  • Outside lanes can be used for dive practice lanes from both ends and shared by all schools. In the diving lanes, swimmers must exit the pool before mid-point of the lane.
  • Swimmers are NOT to sit on the lane ropes. At MSAC swimmers must NOT exit the pool by climbing over the timing pads.
  • At the completion of the 15 min warm-up period, all swimmers are to return to the stands or go directly to the marshalling room.
  • Each school must supply sufficient adults to supervise the warm up and ensure that all swimmers are following the above rules. At Divisional Carnivals a minimum of 2 staff are required on pool deck. At Champions the number of students in your squad will determine the number of staff required.
  • Swimmers and spectators are requested to keep silent at the commencement of each race. i.e. from the Referees first long whistle until after the starting signal.
  • It is the swimmer’s responsibility to report punctually for his or her event.
  • Swimmers must wear ‘School approved’ swimwear (no bikinis, football shorts or board shorts allowed). All swimmers must wear a school swim cap. Competitors in Division 1 and Champions must abide by Swimming Victoria Regulations of 1 garment only.
  • Competitors are allowed to compete in a maximum of 4 individual events.
  • Competitor names are required by the EISM office one week before the event is held.
The start in Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Butterfly will normally be a dive. In certain circumstances, with permission from the Referee in Charge, a swimmer may start in the water and must touch the wall until the starting signal. The start for Backstroke is always in the water. Once swimmers are in the water, there will be a second long whistle to call swimmers to the starting position.
Swimmers are called to their blocks for the race by a long whistle. When the starter gives the command “Take your marks” swimmers will move to the front of the blocks and remain still until the starting signal. If a swimmer breaks before the Starters beep, the race will continue and the breaking swimmer will be disqualified. If the Official Starter has made an error, a second start beep will be heard and all Swimmers are then to return for a new start.
Swimming Program
Following is a list of events offered to both boys and girls in the Swimming program for the various divisions:
100m Freestyle           U15                Div 1
100m Freestyle Open Div 1, 2 & 3
50m Freestyle A U13 to Open Div 1, 2 & 3
50m Freestyle B U13 to Open Div 1
4x50m Medley Relays U13 to Open Div 1, 2 & 3
50m Breaststroke U13 to Open Div 1, 2 & 3
50m Butterfly U14, U16 & Open Div 1, 2 & 3
50m Backstroke U13 to Open Div 1, 2 & 3
4x50m Freestyle Relays U13 to Open Div 1, 2 & 3
5x50m Relay Multi-age Div 2
Individual A:            30, 27, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18.
Individual B: 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9.
4 x 50m Relays: 45, 41, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24.
5 x 50m Relays: 60, 54, 50, 48, 46, 4
Champions Carnival Selection
Division 1         Fastest 5 Swimmers from each event
No progression from Divisional for 100m Freestyle U15 Event
Division 2 Fastest 3 Swimmers from each event
No progression from Divisional for 5x50m Relay Event
Division 3 Fastest 2 Swimmers from each event
No progression from Divisional for 5x50m Relay Event
All Divisions Multi-Class 50m Freestyle as required - Schools to request Entry Form
Emergencies for the Champions Carnival will be determined by best times. Please note when there are A and B Events, the fastest swimmers from the combined events proceed to the Champions Carnival.
If you stand up and walk on the bottom, fail to touch at the turn or finish, swim in another lane or interfere with another swimmer in any way you will be disqualified. A freestyle touch or finish may be with any part of the body.
Swimmers need to stay on their back until the head, arm or hand touch/hits the end. Don’t stand up at the turns but push off the end and always be on your back. It is permissible for a swimmer to be completely submerged at the start or turn for not more than 15 metres.
Keep your body on the breast with shoulders in line with the water level and make sure all leg and arm movements are synchronised and in the same horizontal plane. Feet must be turned outward in the backward movement of the legs. The head is permitted to be under the water but must break the surface at each stroke. At each turn and at the finish of the race the touch shall be made with both hands simultaneously at, above or below water level.
The body should be kept on the breast with the shoulders in line with the surface of the water. Both arms must be brought forward together over the water and brought backward simultaneously. All movements of the feet must be executed in a simultaneous manner. The legs and feet need not be at the same level, but no alternating movements are permitted. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification.
In Relay events the feet of the outgoing swimmer must be touching the starting blocks, when the incoming swimmer touches the wall. At the shallow end of Nunawading Pool, when the changeover occurs, the outgoing swimmer’s hand must be visibly touching the side until the incoming swimmer correctly touches the wall. Failure to comply with this constitutes a break for which the whole team will be disqualified.
In Medley Relay, the order of strokes is Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle. If a swimmer does the ‘wrong’ stroke in any ‘leg’ the team will be disqualified. None of the three form strokes may be repeated in the Freestyle leg.
5x50m Freestyle Age Group Relay. In Division 2 & 3, there will be one race for girls and one race for boys. A competitor from each age group to compete in this race. U13 swims first, U14 swims second etc. Open swimmer to be the last competitor.

The EISM competes in the annual Victorian School Associations Swimming Competition held at MSAC.  Based on results from our Swimming Events,  Students from all EISM Member Schools are invited to swim as a representative of our Association.  Full details of this event are available on the Swimming Victoria Website ( Victorian School Associations Competition | Swimming VIC ). 

Invitations are sent out the first week of Term 2 and the EISM Team finalised the following week.

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