Sporting Code of Conduct - Players

  • Have knowledge of the rules.  These are available on the EISM Website.
  • Play by the rules and regulations of the EISM.
  • Do not argue with Officials.  If there is a dispute, this should be brought to the attention of your Coach, Team Manager or Captain.  Only these people can approach the Official in a break of play.
  • Control your temper.  Verbally abusing Officials or Players is unacceptable.  Provoking other Players is also unacceptable.
  • Be a good sport and team player.  It is good sportsmanship to appreciate and applaud other teams performances.  You could eventually play in an EISM representative team together or in local competitions.  Work equally hard for yourself and for your team.  You are the public face of your school, and your actions reflect upon the school.
  • Treat all Players fairly.  There should be no bullying or taking advantage of other Players.
  • Abide by the EISM Child Safety Code of Conduct.  Available on the EISM Website.
  • Cooperate with your Teammates, Coaches and opponents.  Without these people, there would be no competition.
  • No comments on race, gender, sexuality or religion are to be made.  
  • Enjoy the opportunity to play sport with your schoolmates.  After your school years are over, you will never get the chance to experience this again.
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