Tennis Open

This is an Association one-day Open Competition for the highest ranked players within a School, whether they be Senior or Junior. The event is held at Boroondara Tennis Centre in Term 3. 


  1. Each Main Draw for the Boys and Girls competitions will feature 32 players.
  2. Each school would enter x 1 player per event male/ female each as selected.
  3. The final 11 places will be offered to the next highest ranked players according to the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).
  4. Schools will be limited to a maximum of two (2) entries per Draw (eg. 2 x Boys / 2 x Girls). 


  1. All players to have a responsible adult in attendance (eg. parent / staff)
  2. Round Robin format – all players to play a minimum of 3 matches in the play-offs, with Finalists to play up to 5 matches.
  3. Finals will be a knock-out format
  4. Tournament Planner software to be used by the Tournament Director Shin Guards are compulsory.
  5. All players must follow the referee’s instructions and decisions throughout the game.
  6. Abusive language/behaviour to the referee or any player will not be tolerated, play will be stopped by the referee.

Fixtures and Game time will be determined when the players involved is confirmed. 

Team Entry:

  1. Complete ‘EISM Gala Day Entry Form’ and email to  Member Schools will be invoiced per student after the competition.
  2. Complete the Participants Form and email to approximately 1 week prior to the competition.
Tennis Open 2023
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