Cross Country

Member School Staffing Requirements:
  • Host Schools to supply 2 Staff, all other Schools to supply 1 Staff
Starting Procedure:
  • All competitors must marshal 5-10 minutes before the scheduled event start. If a competitor marshals late they are to start from the 2nd start line. Staff are allowed in the marshalling area to talk with students.
  • Failure to marshal will lead to disqualification
  • Competitors without an official Bib will not be allowed to compete.
  • The starter will call the competitors forward with the call ‘On your marks!’ The race will then be started on the sound of a starting pistol.
Finish & Scoring Procedure:
  • Depending on Event capacity limits, Schools can field between 5-10 competitors per event.
  • Competitors must return their Bib to their Team Manager upon completion of their event.
  • Team Managers are responsible for the pickup, distribution and return of all Bib’s to the EISM Office. Bib’s are to be returned in good condition, sorted in numerical order.
  • Points awarded:
    • 1st competitor to finish gains 1 point
    • 15th competitor to finish gains 15 points
    • 63rd competitor to finish gains 63 points
    • The default score of 100 points per person will apply to schools that don’t have sufficient runners completing the course.
  • At the conclusion of the Event, in each Division the school with the lowest total points over all age divisions is the Champion Cross Country School.
  • The first three placegetters in each event to receive medallions.

Boys | Girls

– Under 13 3000 metres  | 3000 metres

– Under 14 3000 metres | 3000 metres

– Under 15 4000 metres | 3000 metres

– Under 16 4000 metres | 3000 metres

– Open 4000 metres | 3000 metres


  • Students should take their epipen with them when they run the course. Schools have the option of trailing the last running in the event on a bike with the appropriate epipen for their student.
  • There are 21 marshals around the course. Schools are requested to have a generic epipen with each marshal. Instruct students to seek assistance from marshals around the course if they are in difficulty.
  • Each competitor must be dressed in full school colours and wear an official Competitors Bib.
  • Each competitor must adhere strictly to the course as stated and displayed.
  • No-one, not involved in the race, can run with or physically support a runner during an event.
  • No competitor may run with any music devices or sporting equipment
  • Schools are to advise the EISM Office in writing if a competitor is out of their age group.
  • A Pennant to be awarded to the lowest combined score of boys and girls for each age group.
  • It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that their own competitors know the course.
  • The Cross-Country Course is not to be used for warm-ups, all warm-ups need to be conducted off-course.
  • Students are not to play ball games in the immediate vicinity of the course or tents.
  • Students are not to play on the pre-school play equipment located at the venue.
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